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Harpers Hall makes its home in the San Francisco South Bay Area and Central California Coast. Our purpose is to promote an appreciation of the folk harp, to cultivate its living musical tradition, and to preserve the fun and magic of the harp for members and for the general public. To that end, we hold numerous events throughout the year, from harp jams to house concerts, festival performances to yearly weekend retreats. Journey through Harpers Hall to discover an enchanting world of harpers and learn their songs and their stories. Here you will meet many of the revelers, see the various lands they travel to, and find out how to join.

Check this page often for the latest announcements about workshops and concerts.

Harpers Hall Ensemble Performs Two Christmas Concerts This Season

Tuesday, December 12th from 7 - 8 pm at the Morgan Hill Library in Morgan Hill, CA

And Saturday, December 23rd, 7:30 - 8:30 pm at St. Joseph's Cathedral in San Jose, CA

The Harpers Hall Ensemble will be playing their Christmas arrangements led by Verlene Schermer. We'll also have some solo performances by members of the ensemble and a hands-on harp experience immediately following each performance!

The concert at St. Joseph's Cathedral has become an annual event for us, and for many who come to experience the harps in this beautiful setting on the night before the night before Christmas! Come early to visit the Christmas in the Park displays and then slip into the Cathedral early for a good seat! The concert is free, but please come with generous hearts, as the Season of Hope Series supports the great work the Cathedral is doing for the homeless in downtown San Jose. There will be an opportunity to give if you are able after the concert.


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Harpers Hall has it's very own announcement Yahoo Group called Harpers Hall News. It is used to distribute announcements to the public about our activities. Here you will find news about the latest ensemble performances and about concerts and workshops sponsored by Harpers Hall. Join this Yahoo Group to be automatically notified about our events:

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Point of Contact Need a harper(s) for your wedding, holiday celebration, or special occasions? Drop us a line with your requirements and we'll pass the information to our revelers for reply. For additional information concerning Harpers Hall gatherings, events, CD's, etc., contact Kevin or Carol Holsinger, (650) 326-3146 (9am - 8pm Pacific Time) or e-mail kevin@holsingermusic.com


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